Our promise is to keep up industry best-practice, to ensure you are always getting the best for your clients.

Keeping Up with Best Practice

Planium Pro was developed based on theoretical foundations, and that means that we take research very seriously. This is why we have collaborated with training organisation, Sentinel 9, to develop a software-specific training at the post-graduate level for our customers. The training encompasses theory, industry know-how, practical and applied elements. You’ll walk away with a greater understanding of how strategic business planning is important for business growth.

Postgraduate Level Curriculum and Content Provider

Sentinel 9 (STL9) is focused on enhancing Australia’s education industry. They offer an innovative approach to postgraduate and practitioner education allowing Educational Institutions, Professional Associations and Corporates to meet the growing demands of next generation learners. We take the hard work out of expanding and advancing your course and Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) offerings allowing your organisation to do so at a fraction of the development costs and timeframes.

Course content is presented through innovative educational mediums and technology allowing organisations to experience:
  • Substantial reduction in course creation costs and development cycle time
  • Boost in perceived value of Educational Institution or Professional Association
  • Increase in student enrolments
  • Growth in bottom line client profits
  • Meeting educational demands with cutting edge technology

STL9 Lecture Video Samples

How it Links Together