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Empowering professionals to swiftly create comprehensive business plans, saving time, money and resources while increasing advisory revenue.

Empower Your Expertise with Planium Pro

Consultants & Coaches:
Transform your insights into actionable strategies with our suite of analysis tools. Planium Pro's real-time data and predictive modeling give you the edge to foster client growth and drive results.
Financial Institutions & Lenders:
Assess and manage risk efficiently with Planium Pro’s comprehensive financial projections and custom reporting. Our platform enables you to make informed decisions, supporting your clients' success and financial health.
Incubators & Accelerators:
Fuel startup growth with a platform designed for rapid development and scalability. PlaniumPro offers emerging businesses the blueprint to success, from market analysis to financial planning.
Accountants & Financial Planners:
Elevate your financial services with our in-depth reporting and forecasting tools. Planium Pro ensures that you can provide your clients with a clear financial trajectory and the means to stay on course.
Corporate Lawyers & Business Advisors:
Our robust platform supports the detailed planning your clients require. From compliance to contracts, ensure every strategic recommendation is backed by solid data.
At PlaniumPro, we understand the evolving needs of financial professionals. Our cutting-edge software is meticulously designed to empower advisors, consultants, and financial experts, enabling you to deliver unparalleled value to your clients. Discover how PlaniumPro can transform your advisory services:

1. Boost Your Advisory Revenue
2. Generate Comprehensive Reports with Ease
3. Maximise Resources
4. Enhance Operational Efficiency

Increase Advisory Revenue

  • Integrated software solutions - save time and import all your financial data directly from MYOB, Xero or QuickBooks into the Planium Pro Finance ‘Opening Position’.

  • Project Collaboration - multi-user and real-time team collaboration.

  • State-of-the-art design - visuals and insightful dashboards for Sales, margin and breakeven, Net Interest Expense coverage, Earnings and profitability and many more.

  • 10-Year Finance - Ability to generate financial statements and projections with up to a 10-year horizon without outside and cumbersome spreadsheets.

  • Access anywhere, anytime - work on business plans from anywhere using a standard internet connection and common web browser.

  • Easy and customisable reporting - the ability to export flexible and fully editable business plans to .docx and .pdf files using various templates and themes.

Customer Testimonials

  • Planium Pro is simple and efficient to use in my practice - all you have to do while creating a business plan is to input the data in each main section. Planium Pro assists me in expediting the process and staying on track.
    Amelia Monson
  • Planium Pro is a professional and stable software. I used to have all cumbersome Excel and Word templates for my clients, but now I use this time on our end goal without worrying about calculations accuracy or presentation!
    Martin M.
    Financial Advisor

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