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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who can use Planium Pro?
A. Planium Pro has been developed for consultants who help others to write strategic business plans, such as business advisors, business coaches or accountants. It produces a complex report structure that encompasses all the needs of a small to medium-sized business.

Q. Will the Planium Pro report be suitable for investors?
A. The financial module of Planium Pro is as comprehensive as they get. The software contains a unique financial forecasting model that utilises case sensitivity to ensure that you have all the boxes checked when you put your strategic business plan in front of potential investors.

Q. I'm a sole operator / startup. Can I use Planium Pro too?
A. Although the software has been developed for consultants who help others to write strategic business plans, we do offer Planium Pro on a project basis - that is, you pay a once-off fee which enables you to have access for 8 weeks to write your plan.

Q. Why should I use Planium Pro?
A. Planium Pro combines all your strategic business planning needs in one place. From developing a comprehensive marketing strategy to forecasting complex financial matrices, the software streamlines the planning process. This enables you to have more time to critically analyse the outputs, ensuring that you add the most value to your client.

Q. Can I see some examples of Planium Pro business plans?
A. Of course! We have a library of sample plans within our software for specific industries such as service business (e.g. lawyers, accountants), retail (e.g. storage companies, health food stores), manufacturing, logistics, and many others. Here are two examples: Move & Storage company, and Hops Brewing.

Q. How does it differ from other existing software?
A. Whilst other existing software provides simplified business plans for startups and small businesses, Planium Pro has been developed for businesses that generate over $5 million revenue. It is these types of businesses who require the complex financial modelling that we offer, at an affordable cost, especially compared to the larger players in the market.

Q. Do I need to download anything to use Planium Pro?
A. No, there is no installation required. Planium Pro is completely cloud-based, which means that it is accessible from any computer (Mac or PC) or tablet. Any feature upgrades to the software is done automatically which means that there is no time wasted on downloading new updates. Your data maintained through a secure internal database. If you would like to read more about how we keep your information secure, please read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Q. Can I use Planium Pro without an internet connection?
A. Unfortunately, no. As Planium Pro is cloud-based, the use of our software requires a steady connection to the internet. This enables all the graphics and outputs to load quickly and at a high resolution.

Q. Is it too complicated for me or my clients?
A. The way Planium Pro has been designed enables you to easily pick and choose which components you want to include. If your client is an early-stage business venture and the financial information isn’t readily available, sections where the data is lacking can be removed from the final report. It is encouraged to use all components of the software for the best version of the strategic plan, but it is also understandable that not all businesses require this level of complexity.

Q. How long does it take to complete a full business plan using Planium Pro?
A. Based off testing, it will take approximately 1-3 hours to complete the entire business plan from start to finish using Planium Pro. This is if you choose to use all of the components. Ultimately, it will be dependant on various external variables such as your knowledge of strategic planning and knowledge of your client’s business.


Q. How does the free trial work?
A. The 14-day free trial is a great way to test out Planium Pro. With the trial, you will gain access to basic report generation using your business information and financials, annual financial report and charts (no monthly forecasting), and core marketing and operation features. You will only be able to work on one project with this trial. No credit card details are taken until you upgrade to the Advanced or Project tier.

Q. What are my membership options?
A. For the Advanced tier, which includes full access to Planium Pro and 12 projects per year, you can pay through a monthly annual subscription or up-front. Alternatively, if you prefer to pay only when you have lined up a client, you can purchase a one-off Project. The Project tier enables you to have access to the software for 8 weeks.

Q. Can I pay up-front for a full year?
A. Yes, 10% discount is available if you pay up-front.

Q. How do I pay for the software?
A. All payments for Planium Pro are processed through Stripe, which accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and PayPal. For the Advanced tier, this can be paid up-front or through a monthly subscription. All memberships are protected with the 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee regardless of membership level or payment choice.

Q. How does the 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee work?
A. If you have upgraded to the Advanced tier or purchased a Project and find that Planium Pro isn’t working for you for whatever reason, just contact the Support team via email, phone or live chat within the first 60 days and we'll gladly refund your money.

Q. Can I change or cancel my plan after signing up?
A. Yes, we have no long-term contracts of any kind. The Planium Pro Advanced subscription is charged on a month-to-month basis, unless otherwise agreed. If you cancel your membership, you will have access to the software until the date of your next monthly payment. To cancel your account, please contact the Support team via email, phone or live chat.


Q. How is my data and information stored, and is it safe?
A. Security of your account and plan information is one of our highest priorities. This information is written to multiple disks instantly, saved every few seconds, and stored in multiple locations. The Planium Pro software runs on a dedicated network that is locked down with firewalls. Confidentiality of your plan is maintained at all times, and our team are unable to access this information unless approved by you for support purposes. All credit card transactions are processed using bank-level, PCI-compliant SSL encryption.

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