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We have selected the best theory-based marketing models that will guide businesses to new strategic heights. From identifying a unique advantage, to determining market segments, Planium Pro can help map out potential profitability in desired markets.

Plan and test your marketing strategy, and any new initiatives, through Planium Pro. With our range of marketing models, you can easily determine the success of a potential marketing environment without the risk of trial and error.

Who are the competitors? What is their unique selling proposition?

With Planium Pro's handy analysis tool, you can visually map where all competitors fall against price, positioning and performance. Just add each competitor and watch the information be transformed into a professional business plan.


Are existing processes and procedures located across multiple documents, programs and systems?

With Planium Pro, operational needs can be streamlined in one place. All the information required to make strategic business decisions can be accessible anytime, anywhere.

With Planium Pro's intuitive software and complex operations management tool, a businesses’ potential and existing resources can be identified and reallocated - opening up more possibilities with time, space and personnel!

Strategic business growth requires an understanding of the current vs future capacity needs. Planium Pro makes it easy to map resource capacity necessary to satisfy future demand with just a few inputs.


Say goodbye to the days of slow spreadsheets and formulas breaking. With Planium Pro, we take care of all finance needs by doing all the hard work in the background. Our algorithms will produce visually appealing graphs and tables that are investor-ready.

Sensitivity analysis asses risks, measures potential outcomes, and plans for an uncertain future. Using Planium Pro's finance component, any business can discover and plan for their best and worst case scenarios.

Whether you keep financial information in Excel spreadsheets, or use software such as MYOB, you can easily import data to create a financial forecast. All you need to do is simply add in the figures and watch Planium Pro do its job!


No one client is the same, so Planium Pro has been developed to enable flexible and customisable reporting for a range of needs. Design, change and export the report all with a few clicks.

Beautiful reporting every time.

Tired of boring business plans? Planium Pro produces beautiful graphs and tables that will complement your marketing strategy. Choose from a range of colours to complement each business.

With Planium Pro's responsive design, your final report can be basic or advanced depending on what the business requires; we give you the freedom to choose. All our reports can be exported as .docx or .pdf files enabling them to be easily edited.


Everyone wants their information kept private and confidential, this is why we have security measures in place to keep your account and business plan information secure. We value privacy and will never sell, rent, or otherwise abuse the information you have trusted us with.

Planium Pro infrastructure is updated regularly with the latest security patches. Our software runs on a dedicated network which is locked down with firewalls and securely monitored.

All the information that is provided by you to us is encrypted, and sent using HTTPS. For example, your account password is hashed so not even our employees can read this information. All the data is written to multiple disks instantly, backed up daily, and stored in multiple locations.

To read more about this, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

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