How Planium Pro Works

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Planium Pro Overview

Getting Started

  Set up your account

Setting up your Planium Pro account is easy - just sign up and you can instantly start your free trial or subscribe to use every Planium Pro feature.

  Add the business information

Provide high-level business information to help ensure the business plan is contextually informative. This ensures readers understand the business.

  Create a marketing plan

Identify and reflect on existing or potential marketing channels and strategies. Qualitative and quantitative outputs help to make informed marketing decisions.

  Consolidate business operations

Consolidate business operations to identify critical routine processes, resources, and potential market advantages. Map strategies to address business gaps.

  Forecast and plan the financials

Generate a comprehensive financial forecast of yearly and monthly values, factoring for Profit & Loss, Overheads, Assumptions and Case Sensitivity.

  Write up the executive summary

Provide an executive summary to highlight the key points of the strategic business plan using the information and data gathered in previous steps.

  Review the dashboard

View an overview and forecast of all quantitative data. This section aggregates data from Marketing, Operations and Finance in a single location.

  Add any appendices

Add images and extra documents to include them in final report. This can include relevant reference material, saving you the hassle of adding them manually.

  Generate report and print

Generate your final report and export a PDF for printing using our comprehensive reporting suite.

With Planium Pro, You Can Create A Business Plan As Easily As Playing A Few Rounds On The Green.

Business Information

Writing a business plan is seamless with Planium Pro. Use the software to capture all your business information in one place – including your mission, vision, values and opportunities. Map out your organisational structure and your team’s experience. Revisit this section throughout the planning process to revise and update as your ideas develop.


Use Planium Pro’s tools and marketing frameworks to define
and analyse your industry and market. Understand your operating environment and market opportunities. Identify your customers, create marketing strategies tailored to their needs, and identify sales targets for each market segment. You analysis will be accessible anytime, anywhere.


Use Planium Pro to clearly outline your business’s routine processes, review existing resources, consider resource reallocation and create new opportunities. Collate all the information required to make strategic business decisions.


Planium Pro can help you create a five-year financial forecast,
compare actuals to estimates, and apply case sensitivity analysis
directly to the data. Planium Pro’s finance module produces
comprehensive financial outputs to help any business easily identify and plan for best-case and worstcase scenarios. Use forecasting tools to understand the impact of all your proposed strategies. Data can be imported from MYOB or similar accounting software, or entered directly into Planium Pro.


With just a few clicks, customise your business plan and generate a report. Whether you’re tailoring colour and design or content, you choose exactly what you need. Easily export a full business plan, or produce a pitch presentation that will wow your investors.

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