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Our clients are mainly medium-sized businesses who are ready to take the next step and grow their revenue. We have tried other software before but have found that they don't have sufficient information that our clients require. Planium Pro provides a comprehensive perspective to the planning process and we are able to create reports that help our clients to understand their businesses current position. We have found the best value for money with this software.

John GravelyLedge Consultants

Planium Pro provides all the tools for an established startup looking to get their business structure right. I'd highly recommend looking into Planium Pro if you're serious about an in-depth strategic plan to achieve business growth.

Jamie MaguireSVGA Apparel

The software is so helpful because of the detail and complexity in every section. In marketing alone, there are so many different analyses we could use and it really helps to tailor the content for our clients. Our clients have been so happy with their plans every time. We highly recommend Planium Pro!

Andrew QuinnQuinn Accountants

Planium Pro is a great help to established small business owners who need to produce a strategic business plan. The software provides a user-friendly, step-by-step guide to all the sections you need to complete to end up with a comprehensive and professional looking plan. It includes sections on marketing, finances and operations, and you end up with visually appealing graphs that allow you to see your current finances or forecasts at a glance. It's easy to use and comprehensive - a great tool for business owners!

Jessica ChanDecora


Every day busy professionals use Planium Pro to save time and money. Try it now!