5 Strategies to Adjust Your Marketing Plan During the Pandemic

As your customers’ attitudes and behaviours are radically shifting, it is vital to monitor trends and adjust your business strategies and processes accordingly. By changing and modifying your marketing plan to their needs is one of the ways you could reach your customers during this unstable time.

So here are five things you can do on how you can adjust your marketing strategy during the pandemic.


1. Highlight the True Value of Your Product or Service.

As consumer interest change, the value and utility of your product or service may change as well. It might be beneficial to reconsider the unique selling proposition and reflect on how your brand is still essential to your consumers and how it can be beneficial to their lives. This might include switching your focus from one product to another or highlighting unique ways that your current offering can fulfill your audience’s needs. To help you with that, Planium Pro can assist you to perform Gap analysis of external prospects and internal resources for you to get a better understanding of your current state of operations.



2. Satisfy Current Consumer Needs

Take a look at what products and services you are planning to launch. Are any of these products currently inappropriate or irrelevant to introduce during a pandemic? During times like these, it is important to focus more on meeting consumer needs and helping them deal with the realities of the pandemic rather than actively promoting what you have in store. To ensure that it is always kept well on target, the organization should also proactively solicit customer input and feedback and respond as required.

Providing helpful tools and thoughtful promotions such as loan modification agreements, delayed loan payments, extension agreements, increased credit limits, in-app check deposits, online bill pay options, skip-a-payment programs, subsequent action forms, rewards programs and drive-thru services can build brand awareness and loyalty. Think of ways you can help your customers make a purchase by scrutinising your Segment Analysis, making sure you have something to offer for each category of your clients.


3. Add Fuel to Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Your consumers are online, so make sure that you are there too. Focus on your digital marketing campaign like running paid ads, search engine optimization (SEO) and email marketing. Do not forget to update your website and keep it active and relevant. You can use your social media, blogs, videos and other digital content to breathe much-needed positivity into your customers’ lives in these difficult times. You might also consider hiring a marketing professional or social media influencers to increase your online presence.


4. Communicate Essential Information

Keep having an open line of communication with your customer base, as transparency and honesty become an invaluable trait during pandemic. Each state and industry has its own set of regulations and guidelines, so keep updating your customers on how you are being impacted. Updating your working hours on your website and Google business listings can be especially helpful even if you have to be closed. It is important for customers to know when, if and how you will reopen. With small businesses particularly, your customers are likely worried about you personally, so make sure you’re sharing messages and updates frequently.


5. Lower Marketing Costs

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