The Most Common Business Plan Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Every company benefits from an updated business plan. While it seems necessary for start-ups, it applies to established firms, too. An efficiently written business plan keeps the whole business on track in the process of execution of the company’s strategy and reaching its business goals.
Business plan mistakes can result in anything ranging from small oversights to fatal errors for your business. It is even more important for the business who are at the funds raising stage, so the information they provide is accurate and none of your ideas are misleading and are in tune with the current market.
To help you avoid your business plan from being discarded, here are some of the critical business plan mistakes to be careful with:







Next Steps

• Keep these critical mistakes in mind when writing your business plan.
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We would be interested to receive comments from small-business owners on what mistakes you have made in business plan writing and how you fixed them.

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