Our Difference

Whether you’re a business advisor, accountant, or financial planner, Planium Pro covers all your clients’ strategic planning needs. This dynamic software streamlines the development process for professionals.

Stress-test forecasts and figures

Planium Pro's financial component makes it easy to create a five-year financial forecast, enabling you to compare actual vs estimates, and apply case sensitivity analysis directly to the data. Import import data from easily from existing accounting software.

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Assess market potential

Planium Pro incorporates best-practice marketing models and frameworks, ensuring that your strategic plan always meets the industry standard. Quickly assess market attractiveness, risk, existing competitors, and easily develop a detailed segment strategy to target customers.

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Review business operations

Using the operations component in Planium Pro, you can quickly identify external opportunities and internal resources within the business, and review capacity gaps where the business could improve. Keep all processes and procedures in one place for easy access.

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Keep up with best practice

Rather than overwhelming you with thousands of samples, Planium Pro offers specific user case studies for each industry. All memberships come with access to online software-specific training, video tutorials, technical support and a network of professional advisors.

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Easily track business growth

Planium Pro quickly transforms your data into beautiful and intuitive graphs ready to be included in each strategic business plan. Assess all the financial, marketing and operational business information with a quick glance.

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Planium Pro is a strategic business planning software that maximises impact upon delivery. With our software, you can create a business plan as easily as playing a few rounds on the green.

Quick to Create, Comprehensive to Read

With extensive financial modelling and detailed marketing frameworks, all our reports are investor-ready. Planium Pro has been strategically designed to follow best-practice business plan structure to ensure it maximises impact upon delivery.

Intuitive process

Whether you work in one sitting or over a couple of days, you will always be guided by helpful prompts.

Helpful examples

Our library of example business plans will help you with whichever industry you are writing for.

Planium Pro Customers

Creating a strategic plan is a key component of planning for business growth, and Planium Pro can help you to get businesses thinking strategically. Learn how from some customers.

"Planium Pro provides a comprehensive perspective to the planning process. We have gotten a great return on investment with this software."

"It's easy to use and comprehensive - a great tool for business owners!"

"The detail and complexity in every section is unlike any other. Our clients have been happy with their plans every time. We highly recommend Planium Pro!"

Planium Pro Advisors

This global directory houses accountants, CPAs, financial planners, business advisors and consultants who help small to medium-sized businesses make smarter business decisions. Become a Planium Pro Accredited Advisor today to help more businesses to achieve success.

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